Advanced Ultrasonic Imaging
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Imperium has developed a series of products specifically designed for Petrochemical, Shipping, and Aerospace industries, offering a revolutionary view into oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks where the cost of undetected defects can be devastating. The technology employed in our imaging products instantly detects voids, delaminations, cracks, and corrosion in materials in both in controlled and field environments.

Both the Acoustocam™ and FirstMap™ system capture real-time, hi-resolution video C-Scan images. These images are displayed in real-time on a display unit that features an intuitive touch-screen interface. 

Imperium ultrasound camera system is based on a patented imaging array that generates real time ultrasound video images over an area, similar to a conventional camcorder. Each frame, presents a C-Scan image over an area with detailed thickness measurements. The subsurface imagery generated by the C-Scan ultrasound system is striking for its hi-resolution images, creating a visual image of detects that are easy to identify. 

Due to the large areas that must be inspected, the inspection process is very time consuming and tedious. Potential problems are easy to overlook and the complex inspection techniques involved have created a shortage of qualified technicians. 

The Corrosion Mapping system incorporates specialized modifications to facilitate scanning curved pipelines with greater accuracy and to quickly and easily evaluate the large surfaces of storage tank bottoms. For the first time, users can immediately see a complete picture of the area being inspected. Technicians can see corrosion problems on the spot and generate a comprehensive data and visual representation of the problem. 


  • Simple
  • Real-time diagnostic tool
  • Not require extensive training 
  • Lightweight portable device
  • Battery powered
  • Handheld with stand
  • Software display of C-scan and A-scan
  • Handheld camera


  • Higher probability of detection (POD) and better accuracy than other UT devices
  • Higher resolution than phased array or single point scanning
  • Very simple and fast
  • Provides all necessary thickness and A-scan data
  • Fully complies with ASTM E317 for design of ultrasonic testing devices
  • Addresses lack of specialized NDT personnel
  • Minimal training


Target Industries

 »  Commercial Aerospace 
 »  OEM Manufacturers
 »  Automotive
 »  Military Aerospace
 »  Petrochemical
 »  Marine and Underwater

Typical Materials

 »  Carbon Fiber Composite
 »  Aluminium
 »  Plastic and Fiberglass
 »  Metals
 »  Multi-layer Laminates
 »  Honeycomb Core